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I haven't updated anything on here in ages, whoops. So I'm just going to squish a bunch of stuff into the one post. In today's exciting update (/sarcasm) we have;

 - scribbly chibi arts I drew forever ago but never cross-posted to here
 - random shitty and largely pointless Seph/Cloud miniature ficlets
 - some cool pictures of my Jenova cosplay from when I rewore it in October


Let's go for arty things first!
Warnings: Tentacles, chibi smut

The Benefits of being a Tentacle Monster )

Mini-fic #1
Warnings: Scarification and blood and stuff, with a healthy dose of zombiefied puppet!Cloud. Nothing sexy beyond a few kisses.

That smile on Sephiroth’s face made Cloud shiver. )

Mini-fic #2
Warnings: Smut. Pointless, plotless smut that doesn't really go anywhere.

Slow and steady. Cloud didn’t think he could have gone any faster than that. )

And finally, just a couple of Jenova cosplay pictures, cause I got some taken by one of the nice professional photographer dudes who were wandering around and they came out pretty cool.

I found a brief glimpse of me in a video too! )
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My artwork for Albedosoyna for the Great Pumpkin Fall Exchange!

Cross-posting over here cause this is where all my stuff gets dumped, heh.

Completely safe for work, just under cut for image size. )
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Ahh, Tumblr is down. Or maybe it's just me, but I've been getting the 'we're sorry' screen all evening. This is terribly sad, you understand. But with that being the case and me not having anything better to do, I've decided to cross-post just a couple more pieces of arty shiz over to here.

(They've already been on Tumblr/y!gal/DA, so nothing new or exciting; it's just LJ was my original fandom home, back in the day, and I tend to conglomerate everything here even if the place is mostly dead now.)

Warning: naked!Cloud in one of the pictures )

I think this entire post has demonstrated that I'm either a lazy-ass or complete fail when it comes to backgrounds. >>;;

Art dump

Oct. 5th, 2012 06:39 pm
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Suddenly in a very arty mood. I finally got fed up of not being able to draw what I want and not having the confidence to join in the fun arty things, so I decided I was actually going to do that thing where you, y'know, practice to get better. >>;;

(I also have a lot more free time, and internet that has a habit of dropping out on a regular basis. That may or may not have any relation as well, heh.)

Progress of my attempts so far. [Warning: smut in the last picture] )

I really want to work on something awesome for Halloween now, but I haven't had any ideas that would fall into the awesome category. It'll probably end up involving vampire!Seph, because I have a an awful thing for vampire!Seph and it's really resurfacing at the moment help.

I should post India photos as well at some point.

Dorky face!

Jan. 3rd, 2012 08:14 pm
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I have decided that, in 2012, I am going to be much more productive. As such, I finally got round to making my dorky face plushie! (I'd been planning it for ages and had bought all the materials and everything... I just never bothered to start it. >>;;)

This is my dorky;

And this is my dorky with a dorky face;

That is all.
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As the title says. Just posting this as my LJ is the primary location all my finished arts go to for ease of finding them again if I ever need to (otherwise they inevitably get lost in a multitude of folders and half-completed scraps on my computer >>).

Under the cut 'cause there's dick and stuff. )

Drawn for Crisis Carols, the FFVII winter yaoi anthology that [ profile] xiaa organised (as seen here). :) I decided I was going to push the limits of my comfort zone by a) signing up in the first place, as I'm notorious for not finishing things when there are deadlines involved, and b) doing artwork, as I'm definitely more of a writer than an artist.

As always, there's things I'd like to improve - in particular, Zack's face (it was added, quite rushed, within the last few hours before the deadline; prior to that he'd had a blank face, but that just looked weird), and I'm not sure I like the meshing of the original scanned sketch and the digital colouring. Proper lineart would improve things infinitely.

Fortunately, my dad's buying me a tablet for Christmas, so hopefully you should see a lot more arty things starting to appear once I get the hang of it. =3 Arty things with proper lines, at that. Excitement!

Also, bonus Zack.

Who is also naked. )
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There was a bit of a mix-up with the lures at the chocobo farm... )
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Hey, look! I drew something. I drew something I'm actually pretty happy with. *shockhorror* Well, there's some things that I could improve on *coughfeetcough*, but overall it came out way better than I had expected. Especially the hands. Seph's fingers look halfway decent, what is this madness? =O

Drawn on-and-off over a period of about three weeks, because my brain decided I would only be able to make any progress on this while I was doodling it at work. Which reeeeally isn't the best place to be drawing tentacle porn, but oh well. There's only so many times I can tidy everything, and if there isn't even anyone else there anyway... >>

(The shop is so quiet it's not funny. I'm taking bets on when the company's going to go into liquidation. ETA: It was the 2nd August)

Anyhow. Piccy under cut! If it's described as being tentacle porn, I don't need to explain how much it's NSFW, right? )
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( You're about to view content that the journal owner has marked as possibly inappropriate for anyone under the age of 18. )
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I don't believe I've ever done anything in my life to celebrate Valentine's Day before. Huh. Well, I had this picture floating around nearly finished, and thought it looked like something I could use Valentine's Day as an excuse to upload (not that I need an excuse, really, but excuses make it more fun). So I was up at six this morning trying to finish the stupid thing, just cleaning it up and putting in little details and that, which is the part I'm always worst at. Hopefully you can't tell, but if it looks a little rushed, that'd be why. >>;;

Seph/Cloud kissie. Actually SFW for once. )

Aaaaand, now I've spent ages finishing/scanning/uploading this, and haven't packed my stuff for traipsing down to the University of Bath for interviews and stuff tomorrow. >.< We're leaving early this afternoon and staying overnight, and once I get started MSNing I tend to stick to the computer like glue. Might be wise, therefore, to pack before coming online. That... does mean I'll be a bit late though. Sorry. Erm, the picture can be compensation?

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EDIT: Piccyture now in colour, as promised ^^

Hello, hello~ ^^

*hums* I like updating, but its annoyingly rare for me to have anything to actually update with. Especially since any creativity I might have once had seems to have whithered away. (I was right about that storyness by the way - mentioning it did jinx it, and I haven't been able to do anything more with it since >.<) Probably cause of school, what with all its evil exams and homeworks and the 'oh-you-have-to-choose-your-university-and-apply-right-now!' frenzy. So you must forgive me if I use any and every possible excuse to update ^^;;

I shall start with my excuse first. At least then it looks like there's actually half a point to this entry, rather than just me wanting to rant... >>;;

So... I has random doodle! )

Well, I think I've done more than enough talking - more than my excuse of a picture can make up for, certainly. I will, hopefully, edit this entry sometime soonish with the inked or painted or whatever-I-decided-to-do-with-it-ed version *nods*

P.S. LJ text being evil >.< You may need to highlight to read or something, cause I can't seem to get it to fix itself *kicks LJ*

There's a piece of truth for everyone
Give me something to die for
Like a sacrifice for days bygone
~ Lunar Sanctum, Kamelot

(Wow, it's been ages since I've done the song-quote thingy ^^)
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Heh. I was right about me going and watching tons of Trinity Blood instead of revising ^^;; And thus!


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