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Jan. 2nd, 2017 12:00 am
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Well, I don't have terribly much fic written at the moment, but... I'm trying to be organised, and there might be enough accumulated now to be worthy of a list? Maybe? >>

So, one master fic list for everything I've written. ^^

Let there be listings! ...not gonna lie, it's mostly kink meme fills. )
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Pointless, spontaneous post here, but I have to do something else I shall explode from glee. *nodnod* I rant to my family, but they are not very sympathetic, and all in all it is rather unsatisfying. So I shall rant here instead.


This time tomorrow I will be up in London, at the Expo, in cosplay. Well, add a hopefully to that last one - I still need to finish that goddamn shuriken. *flails* It's almost done - I just need to paint the silver detailing on -  but it hasn't come out as well as I had hoped. *sigh* Guess that's to be expected though, since I have no skills yet still tend to be a perfectionist. ^^;; Maybe I'll not bother going to the gym this afternoon and run manically home and try and redo some of it.

But either way, there will still be plenty of other people in epic cosplay and copious amounts of pocky and huge stalls of manga and anime and I wonder if that guy with all the yaoi will be there again this year? Not that I'd ever have the nerve to actually go and buy any, but whatever. And hopefully I'll be slightly more proactive in asking people for photos. There are always so many epic cosplays that I would love photos of, but I'm usually too shy to ask people if I can take their picture. ^^;; (Note to self - remember to charge and then actually bring spare battery for camera.) I shall be stalking the photoshoots though, mwahahaha.

I said this was a pointless entry, but I've changed my mind. To make it a little less pointless, I shall post some storyness! ^^ Nothing fancy, I'm afraid. Just a small idea that I scribbled out, more of a writing exercise rather than an actual polished work, and it ended up a lot longer than I ever intended. So, yeah. It's not great or anything, but I really need to post more writing.

Fate )
I'm not sure how well it flows, since I wrote a few parts that came easily then tried to fill it in to link them a few days later. I haven't even read through the final thing as a whole yet. ^^;; I also meant to change the first three paragraphs, since it's just like one massive lump of description, but the bell has gone and I really want to post this now, so, yeah...

So I wither, and render myself helpless
I give in, and everything is clear
I break down and let the story guide me
I wither, and give myself away
Like reflections on the page
The worlds that you create
Wither, Dream Theater

Story tiem!

Sep. 3rd, 2009 01:57 pm
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Well, well, well. Look what I finally finished! Just… what, three, four months late?

In any case, this is the short story I started writing ages ago, based on that plot bunny Sky gave me. It’s been so long I can’t even remember what the bunny was – a war, the emotions someone experiences during a battle, something like that. I had the whole concept and character, started it and wrote about half of it, and then for some reason (probably involving exceptional amounts of procrastination) never finished the other half. So I apologise if it’s slightly disjointed. A lot of it was written before the summer holidays even began, and its just parts I added today ^^;;

Also, I’m not sure about the name. That was what came to me when I got the idea of the character, but that was three or four months ago, and since then I’ve decided it might sound a little silly. *shrugs* So, if it does, just ignore it, ‘kay? It’s not like the name’s important anyway.

Ooh, maybe I should call him Samael? That’d fit… (Yoda, you should understand the reference ^^) Meh *can’t be bothered to go through and change it now though*

I’ll just stop ranting and just let you read, ne?

Erm… warnings for bizarreness and really weird malicious ghost things? And some long sentence abuse, probably >>;;  )

…Mm. I worry myself sometimes.

P.S. I did just finish this, and in my glee at actually having done so, might have posted it straight away without spending too much time checking for stupid errors >>;; So apologies if there are any typos or grammar problems or anything like that ^^;;

Ho hum

Aug. 20th, 2008 10:04 am
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Well, I am, once again, stuck in the library for hours with nothing to do (I've already read enough to give me a headache ^^;; Or maybe its this computer screen - its all smudgy and its got light glaring against it and I have to keep squinting at it to actually seen anything.) So, as I did last time I was stuck here, I'm going to annoy everyone with a pointless update, yay...

First of all, I shall do a random short piece of writingness *nods* Even though I suck at those. But I need something vaguely creative to give this post the pretence of a purpose... Erm...

Meh. This a possible prologue for a story I'll probably never write. I think the concept has the possibilty of being interesting though, so I may as well write it somewhere so it's not wasted. Nothing worse than a wasted idea. I actually wrote it a while ago, but being on the library computer I don't have access to the original version, so I'll see if I can remember it. Maybe I can improve it a bit or something...

This is the legend of the Contravenous.
They say that the World is formed through the existence of Truth. Each Truth, each Fact, is like a thread, a strand of reality. Every one of these threads is interwined, woven together to form the Fabric of the World. It is this Fabric that separates what is Real and what is Imaginary, that winnows the Right from the Wrong.
Some believe that you can find the Truth, if you search for it. And if you search hard enough, you can see it, feel it, begin to understand it. Begin to understand how the Truths exist, how they join together to form the World. And if you can understand how something is made... well, is that not the first step to being able to make it yourself?
The Contravenous saw the Truth, they understood it. And, through many long eras, they began to not only understand the Truth, but to control it. With mortal hands they found they could twist a strand of Truth and alter the entire pattern of reality. 
It was an abomination. Such power does not belong to the mortal mind, yet they took it. They grew greedy, and in lust for ever greater power abused that which they already had. Chaos took over. The order that Truth had held prevalent for millenia was lost, as Truth itself was lost. For what was Truth, if it was not absolute, undoubtable? What was Truth if it could be rewritten on the whims of a mere human?
Such Chaos was more than the Contravenous could ever hope to control. It consumed the World, and the World consumed them. The Lands lay ravaged, broken and dying, their children wailing at their loss. The Truths that had been strong and unbreakable were now nothing, their threads snapped, the whole of the Fabric unravelling.
One truth there was made; a false truth, a created truth, but a Truth that would save them. 
"No mortal can have or has ever had the power to alter the Truth" 
For eras the World convulsed, but slowly, slowly the Fabric rewove itself in accordance with this Truth. As for the Contravenous, they lost all power. They lost all that they had gained, and even more, for Truth now denied their existance. Whispers of them were all that remained. Both they and their power passed into an unspoken legend, trapped somewhere in the Fabric of the World between what is, what was, and what might have been...

I can never think of a good ending for it, and just leaving it like that makes it feel unfinished to me. Ah well. I only have just over five minutes before I get kicked off the computer (damn my exceedingly slow writing >.<) so I suppose I better hurry up.

The other thing I wanted to say is that I get my GSCE results tomorrow. I'm not entirely sure whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. Either way, I probably should care more than I do. In fact, the only reason I mentioned it is because on Friday I have to go to Nonsuch place to either enrol if the results are good enough, or "discuss my options" if they're not. Unfortunately - though no doubt typically - that little visit happens to coincide with MSNing time *sigh* So yes. That is my long winded way of saying I may not be online on Friday ^^;; Though hopefully I will be able to get online eventually... I might just be an hour or two late... -_-'' 

Anyways, the computer is beeping annoyedly at me, so I suppose I should save before it logs me off and I lose everything I've written (which has been known to happen. Damn library computers >.<) 

Ja ne!


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