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Tiiiired. But sleep is a secondary concern when there is Kamelot to be had!

(As are chemistry practical assessments and physics mock exams. >>;; On the plus side, at least I didn’t have a week long geography field trip right after the Kamelot concert this time?)

So. Photos. Despite getting there three and a half hours early – and finding there were already twenty or thirty odd people already queuing outside the venue, goddamnit – I still only managed to get in the second row from the front (just off-center from the middle). Which is not bad at all really, but still. Maybe it’ll be a progressive thing. Last year I was third from the front, this year second, and next year I’ll make it to first! Right? *hopeful look*

Anyhow. When I managed to stick my camera between the heads of the two people in the row in front of me – one of whom was, of course, at least a head taller than me, and was constantly sticking their arm in the little space I did have to see through – I did get some pretty good pictures, so… onwards to photospam?

Warnings for rather a lot of pictures. And I still haven't figured out how to resize stuff, so they're all stupidly massive too >.< )

So, yosh. Epic fun tiems were had, but now I do believe that sleepies are in order. Good night, dears! *goes to crash on the nearest soft surface*

P.S. Somebody, please, pleasepleaseplease teach me how to resize the photos! >.<
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Woohoo! Guess what I just found. Lappytoppy apparently has a very convenient built-in memory card reader slot thingy. Which means that I can upload my photos at will and never have to worry about being able to find my camera cable (which is still missing) again, hooray! ^^ It also means that I can finally give you my photospam from when I went to see Europe* on Sunday.

* Uh, that is, the band Europe. I didn’t go on a tour across the continent of Europe. Shame really, cause that would’ve been epic. ^^;; But I’m afraid we’ll have to settle for the more minor epic of a concert instead.

We were in another really small venue – more like a club than a proper theatre or concert hall or whatever you hold big concerts in. In fact, it may well have been a club under normal circumstances. O_O I’ve never been in a club before... scary. Annnnyway. It had this convenient ledge all the way round the room for putting drinks and stuff on, so I managed to sit on that. Which meant that a) my feet didn’t die, and b) I ended up about a head taller than everyone else and could actually see and get almost decent photos. ^^

Well, I say decent, but they’re still kinda blurry and underexposed and all that. Concert lighting sucks ass. Or maybe it’s my crappy camera. Or both. Probably both. )

Now, what else? I feel like I should be doing something. Colin is in Australia (without taking me with him, damnit T^T) and Mum and teh little childrens are away on a random holiday at the moment, so I’m home alone. I can watch whatever TV I want! Watch horror movies that my mother wouldn’t approve of and stuff my face with popcorn while doing so! Eat chocolate cake for breakfast! (Actually, I do that last one on a fairly regular basis anyway >>;;) I must take advantage of the situation! ...I just don’t have anything in particular that I wanna do. ^^;;

It’s more annoying than useful anyway. Since I haven’t learnt to drive yet and all people who do drive are absent, I have to catch the bus to school. Which involves leaving the house at quarter past six. In the morning. Approaching winter, when it is freezing cold and I don’t have a coat cause my old one has pretty much fallen apart and I haven’t bought a new one yet. Not nice. >.< And despite leaving at a ridiculous hour of the morning I still barely get to school on time. *shakes fist at failish public transports*…Yeah. Just wanted to complain about that. ^^;;

o_O …And… things are exploding outside. I must go investigate!

*headdesk* It turns out the exploding things were fireworks. I’d completely forgotten it was Bonfire Night. -_-‘’ Aw, and that means we don’t have a firework party this year since everyone’s away. I like playing with the funneh firework setting on my camera and seeing what pretty patterns I can create. T^T

Anyhow. I don’t think I actually have anything else to add to this post, so I’ll leave you in peace and get back to haunting the Expo forums and trying to figure out how the hell I’m gonna do my cosplay for May. *claps hands together and dances off happily*

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So, I had completely forgotten about this, but there was a Dream Theater concert last night. ^^ Do you listen to Dream Theater? I'm pretty sure that Sky does, though I can't remember why I think that ^^;;

Anyhow. I haven't really prepared a big long rant or anything like I usually do. I was dead tired last night; went straight to sleep when we got home and then didn't wake up til about ten minutes before MSN time ^^;; So, yeah. Mostly just photos today, I think. Not that they're particularly good photos, since we were pretty far away and in an awkward position right at the side, but eh.

Photos are still photos, even if they're slightly blurry, awkwardly-angled photos, ne? ^^;; )


Apr. 3rd, 2009 04:20 pm
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Whoo! Hello. By the time you get this – which would be now, since you’re reading it – this entry will be almost a week out of date. But, for the sake of posterity, I thought I’d actually write the thing straight after the Kamelot concert. Even if that means writing an entry at… ha! It’s 01:23 ^^ *is easily amused by random things like that* *coughs* …at some ridiculous time in the morning.

Anywho. I’d best make this quick, cause I really should go to bed… (nahh, who needs sleep? I’ll be on a five hour coach journey tomorrow, I’ll sleep then)

Photo tiem!! )

So, I think that’s all for now ^^ So much for making it quick… it’s now twenty past two >.< *so should be asleep* Ah well ^^;; I’ll just, uh, finish packing my bag for the fieldtrip now… and maybe go to bed. Maybe… >>

EDIT (Friday afternoon): Whoo, finally back from geography trip! *is dead* I'm posting this now cause its all ready, but I'll probably not be able to post the Wales photos 'til tomorrow (it's already taken an hour to upload all these photos *curses slow internets* and you know what Colin's like about me being on the computer too long...) Comments are luff!
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Yosh. I think its been five weeks since I updated here? Well, there hasn't really been anything noteworthy happening. Until Wednesday, when I went to see a Nightwish concert, yay! I thought you might be interested, and I actually managed to get some good photos, so... photospam time!!

Plus a few bits of other random stuffs, yay! ^^ )


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