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Ahh, Tumblr is down. Or maybe it's just me, but I've been getting the 'we're sorry' screen all evening. This is terribly sad, you understand. But with that being the case and me not having anything better to do, I've decided to cross-post just a couple more pieces of arty shiz over to here.

(They've already been on Tumblr/y!gal/DA, so nothing new or exciting; it's just LJ was my original fandom home, back in the day, and I tend to conglomerate everything here even if the place is mostly dead now.)

This one I like pretty much only for the hands. I did those hands all by myself, with no references. I always have so much trouble with hands, but these ones are actually decent askhfdjklasdjfs. =D The rest of the picture, not so much, lol. I tried.

I rediscovered this old sketch while skulking around in the ancient backwaters of my LJ - here, to be precise. Being bored, I decided to very quickly and very roughly do a lineart version and sketchy-colour it. Just because lol, Cloud with a vibrator up his ass. XD

This was the one where I actually tried really hard again, yay. The glowy mako tank was the most fun out of the entire thing.

I think this entire post has demonstrated that I'm either a lazy-ass or complete fail when it comes to backgrounds. >>;;


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