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Oct. 5th, 2012 06:39 pm
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Suddenly in a very arty mood. I finally got fed up of not being able to draw what I want and not having the confidence to join in the fun arty things, so I decided I was actually going to do that thing where you, y'know, practice to get better. >>;;

(I also have a lot more free time, and internet that has a habit of dropping out on a regular basis. That may or may not have any relation as well, heh.)

Random chibi, just because doodling and stuff. How draw baby chocobos. ._.

Surfer!roth, because of mental image from Final Fantasy Transcribed [relevant post is here]. Though I kinda cheated on this one... I had an image I was supposed to be using as reference, but ended up pretty much tracing the outline of. orz Couldn't be bothered to put that much effort in for what was just meant to be a bit of a cheap joke. That did mean I got it done in a decent timeframe though, just an hour or two, as opposed to;

Clack colour copy

This, which took for-fucking-ever. *collapse* I did use a couple of references for this as well, but mostly just small background shit like the plushie and pot plant. Zack and Cloud I did entirely myself and they actually came out pretty decent, so yay! Not too convinced on my colouring style (I actually prefer the style I used for Sephiroth - it's obviously not as neat, but I feel like it looks more natural and energetic) but I'll work on that and try out a bunch of different stuff anyway. :)

I really want to work on something awesome for Halloween now, but I haven't had any ideas that would fall into the awesome category. It'll probably end up involving vampire!Seph, because I have a an awful thing for vampire!Seph and it's really resurfacing at the moment help.

I should post India photos as well at some point.


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