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This was inspired partially by the fact I got my camera working briefly (it's died again since, but it lasted through one day, at least), and partially by the LJ community that was in the spotlight. The idea is that you go through the day taking photos of every thing that happens to create a pictorial record of a day in your life. I preferred to do my own thing rather than following the community guidelines, so this was essentially just for a bit of fun and because India is interesting.

(Sometimes, anyway. I did specifically choose a day I knew we would actually be going out and doing things; a lot of the time I spend most of the day in my room just reading or failing at drawing or dicking around on the interwebs, and it's not terribly exciting. >>)

Follow the cut for more puppies than expected, terrible photography, and extreme picture-heavy-ness (53 of them, to be exact). )
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Because this time I decided that I was going to change my plans for May's Expo, two weeks before the event! Always a good idea... XD

Progress pics and costume details beneath the cut. )

I didn't take too many photos during Expo, but I'll post the ones I did take a bit later, as well as a general write up. Because it was quite the eventful Expo indeed, and the best I've been to. Apartment-sharing and actually staying on-site makes a huge difference. :3
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Long story short; I suddenly acquired, one week before its occurance, the money to go a small-ish con/event thing I hadn't originally been planning to attend. (Sadly, the money was only acquired because my Japanese course got cancelled, and thus the fees were refunded. Would've prefered to have done the course... >_< I was looking forward to getting out and meeting new people and learning things for once. Alas.) However, I had no cosplay to wear to said event! Oh noes. Woe. Etc.

And thus the challenge was born. Is it possible for me to make a cosplay in less than a week?

Hint: the answer is yes. Just. Progress pics and stuff under the cut. )

And thus the cosplay challenge was successfully completed!

Next cosplay challenge: Entering the Masquerade/Euro Cosplay at May Expo with Minerva. Full armour (plus helmet, helmet is vital). And for the love of Gaia, don't leave it to the last minute.
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I severely doubt anyone would pay that much attention, but if you happen to look back to an LJ entry in... June-ish last year, I think?... you might notice me saying that I wanted to get a tattoo of Sephiroth's wing.

Guess what I finally did today.

Cut for blah and crappy pictureness. )

The only downside to this is that I now can't do any combat class/weight training/swimming etc. for two weeks. Two whole weeks. With no gym. What am I supposed to do with my life now? *whimper* T^T
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[Warning: the following will contain many pictures, and much cosplay fun. It may or may not kill slower internets. Also, hovery comments!]

Kumoricon photospam time! Hooray! )

P.S. Whoops, forgot about this. I scribbled this tiny little thing last night. I was just poking around communities I've never visited before and never followed, and stumbled across a FFVII 100-word drabble one. And did the most recent prompt, because I could.

(Not sure if I'm actually going to post it there though. I feel like my writing is going downhill; I still maintain my first ever fic was probably one of, if not the best, that I've managed to write. And I think that's because yaoi has killed my reading. I used to read books constantly. Now I don't have the attention span and only read porn and shit, a fair portion of which is probably crap. I'm pretty sure it shows. And it does mean that on the rare occasion I do write anything, I'm really wary about posting it anywhere because I'm never sure if it's even halfway decent.) /whiny tangent

But I'll post it here, because this LJ gets all my shit. >>

Prompt:#121: Spirit
Characters: Sephiroth, Cloud
Rating: G
Warnings: None

Watching him was fascinating. )

And now that is all.


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