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I haven't updated anything on here in ages, whoops. So I'm just going to squish a bunch of stuff into the one post. In today's exciting update (/sarcasm) we have;

 - scribbly chibi arts I drew forever ago but never cross-posted to here
 - random shitty and largely pointless Seph/Cloud miniature ficlets
 - some cool pictures of my Jenova cosplay from when I rewore it in October


Let's go for arty things first!
Warnings: Tentacles, chibi smut

The Benefits of being a Tentacle Monster

Mini-fic #1
Warnings: Scarification and blood and stuff, with a healthy dose of zombiefied puppet!Cloud. Nothing sexy beyond a few kisses.

That smile on Sephiroth’s face made Cloud shiver. It was the same languid, utterly detached smiled he had seen that day in Nibelheim as Sephiroth stood before Mother, the town burning to ashes at the foot of the mountain. That smile meant Sephiroth had won.

"Good puppet," Sephiroth purred. Yes, Sephiroth had won, and it was Cloud’s fault. He’d given Sephiroth the Black Materia. "Good, puppet."

Sephiroth’s arms were around him and Cloud could feel his breath - warm breath, alive - against his lips.

He clung to the embrace. Sephiroth was solid and real and safe when all the world beyond was endless mako green, the Lifestream pulling at the edges of Cloud’s mind and threatening to tear it apart, piece by broken piece.

Sephiroth was all that held him together, gently stroking his hair.

"Good puppets deserve a reward, don’t you think?"

Cloud raised his head sluggishly, just managing to meet Sephiroth’s eyes. “Uhhn…?”

Sephiroth smiled again. “Would you like a number?”

A number. Because Cloud was a Sephiroth clone; a failed clone. But if he had a number… he would be one of them, part of the Reunion. Part of Sephiroth. Worthy of him. “Uhhn.”

Fingers closed around Cloud’s wrist, caressing the unmarred skin on the back of his hand. “Shall I mark you as mine? Something to remind you that you belong to me. Would you like that, Cloud?”

The cautious hope in those blank eyes was almost endearing. Belonging, acceptance… if that was what Cloud craved, for just once in his pitiful life, Sephiroth would gladly provide the illusion. He raised Cloud’s hand, kissing the flesh that would soon bear his mark, before kissing the boy whose marred soul already bore it.

"Uhn…" Cloud breathed, eyes sliding shut as Sephiroth’s tongue pushed into his mouth.

He thought, somewhere, somehow, distantly, that Sephiroth shouldn’t kiss him so deeply or hold him so closely. But Cloud didn’t mind. It felt good, warm and breathless and sweet. Cloud was disappointed when Sephiroth drew away.

Cloud blinked slowly. Sephiroth had a blade, small but beautifully crafted, and perfectly sharp. It seemed to be made from stone, but it was black and glassy and unlike anything Cloud had seen on the Planet. Because it wasn’t of the Planet - it was Meteor-stone, shard of the original vessel that had carried the calamity from the skies millennia ago. The Ancients knew this and abhorred it, Cloud could hear them in the Lifestream and in his head.

Sephiroth’s long fingers curled around Cloud’s wrist again, holding his hand in place, and the blade kissed skin. Flesh tore beneath it, biting deep, and Cloud let out a small cry, attempting to twist away until Sephiroth held him tight from behind.

The pain was like a shock of ice cold water; terrible, but bearing a startling jolt of clarity.

He’d given Sephiroth the Black Materia. Meteor had been summoned. The Planet— Aerith, Tifa…

"Quiet, puppet," Sephiroth hushed him. He caressed Cloud’s injured hand in a mockery of tenderness, smearing thick trails of blood across pale skin. His mouth pressed soft kisses and nips to the nape of Cloud’s neck.

Cloud gradually relaxed, blank-eyed once more, into Sephiroth’s embrace.

The blade cut into the back of Cloud’s hand again. And again, deeper each time, retracing the shape Sephiroth was carving over and over into the flesh. Bone and sinew glistened white beneath the flood of red.

Cloud shuddered, swallowing his groans. It had to be deep; the scar wouldn’t keep otherwise. There was too much mako in his system. Even now, when Sephiroth paused to allow Cloud time to breathe, to recover, the deep cuts slowly started to knit themselves back together.

Sephiroth’s lips brushed against the rim of Cloud’s ear. “Good boy, Cloud.” He leaned over, pulling Cloud’s hand up to his mouth. Slowly, deliberately, he trailed his tongue over the wound, lapping up the blood. Cloud trembled.

The scar was half-healed already, an angry-red raised welt. Cloud stared at it.

"There is your number, puppet. Proof for all the world to see that you are mine."

"Yours…" Cloud repeated in a dull, dazed mumble.

"Mine. Now and always."

The scar, the number, was a circle. Zero. Sephiroth had given him a number and it was zero. Zero wasn’t even a real number, really, was it? It was and it wasn’t, not quite more than a concept… yet the most important of all. That was what Cloud was.

Slowly, sluggishly, still barely in control of his own movements, Cloud raised his arm, the mark fresh and bright on the back of his hand. Sephiroth had given him a number, Sephiroth was holding him, Sephiroth was pleased with him. It still stung, but that didn’t matter. Cloud smiled serenely.

Sephiroth returned the smile. He kissed him again, Cloud pliant and responsive in his arms.

He was still smiling when he drew back and let Cloud fall, relinquishing him into the unrelenting, drifting tide of the Lifestream.

Wide blue-green eyes stared back at him, confusion seeping into their open, trusting blankness.

"You have served your purpose, puppet. If I need you again, you will know, and you will come to me."

Without Sephiroth’s protection, Cloud was at the mercy of the Lifestream. He clutched his hand, face crumpling with pain as Sephiroth grew distant and the voices grew louder, overwhelming, tearing into what was left of his mind. But he belonged to Sephiroth. The scar was his proof.


Cloud closed his eyes and let the Lifestream take him.

Mini-fic #2
Warnings: Smut. Pointless, plotless smut that doesn't really go anywhere.

Slow and steady. Cloud didn’t think he could have gone any faster than that. His face was flushed deep red, heart pounding and breath heaving, the heat between them almost suffocating. But he didn’t want it to end.

"Cloud," Sephiroth hissed above him. "Fuck, Cloud."

Cloud managed to look up, meeting Sephiroth’s eyes. There was lust there, very much so, and the same jealousy and possessiveness that had sparked the whole encounter. But there was something softer as well, behind all that.

Almost tenderness.

Almost as if Sephiroth cared.

Sephiroth did care, and even if it were only a little it was more than Cloud had ever dared to dream of. It made Cloud want nothing more than to be as close to him as humanly possible. He threw an arm around Sephiroth’s neck, pressing every inch of himself up against the SOLDIER.

Sephiroth blinked, almost surprised at Cloud’s sudden affection, before settling into a predatory smile. He took over their rhythm, faster, harder, more than Cloud could take while still maintaining any resemblance of self-control. It quickly pushed them both close to the edge.

Cloud cried out, trembling beneath Sephiroth as he rubbed his thumb over the sensitive head of Cloud’s cock.

"Sephiroth!" Cloud shouted. Sephiroth’s mouth met his roughly, swallowing the rest of his moans.

Cloud could feel Sephiroth’s cock pulsing inside him as he released, and Cloud shuddered in delight. Sephiroth’s long, calloused fingers wrapped around Cloud’s erection, barely needing to stroke him before Cloud shattered in his arms.

They rode out their orgasms together, gasping against each other’s lips. When it was over Cloud collapsed back, breathless and utterly spent. He smiled up at Sephiroth.

Sephiroth brushed Cloud’s sex-mussed bangs out of his face in one last tender gesture, then drew away. “You should get back. You’ll be late for your drills.”

Normally it would have hurt. It had hurt Cloud before, badly. But he could read Sephiroth better now, and it wasn’t cold dismissal when he turned aside like that. It was closer to embarrassment; like Sephiroth was ashamed at his own lack of restraint, pulling the cadet aside for a quickie in the middle of a work day.

Cloud wiped himself down as best he could, hastily redressing while Sephiroth did likewise.


He looked up. Sephiroth still had his back to him, fully clothed now, and as presentable as ever aside from a slight lingering touch of heat to his cheeks. Distant again.

Sephiroth’s fingers lingered on the door handle. “I’ll see you next time,” he finally decided.

Cloud wrapped his arms around Sephiroth from behind, resting his head on his shoulder. Sephiroth tensed at first, but then his hand slid round to cover Cloud’s with his own.

"Yes sir," Cloud agreed with a smile.

And finally, just a couple of Jenova cosplay pictures, cause I got some taken by one of the nice professional photographer dudes who were wandering around and they came out pretty cool.

Credit to Shinigami Photography [

Credit to Shinigami Photography []

Close up of the helmet. Please ignore my face and just look at the helmet. I really like how the helmet came out.
Credit to Shinigami Photography []

Messing around with the Black Materia, haha. Credit to

And video!

I'm in there twice actually. ^^ First very, very briefly in part of the Clow Card circle from 1:31 to 1:41 (interspersed with the Naruto dude) and the much more obvious Jenova at 4:05ish. First time I've been in a video, how exciting. :D


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