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This was inspired partially by the fact I got my camera working briefly (it's died again since, but it lasted through one day, at least), and partially by the LJ community that was in the spotlight. The idea is that you go through the day taking photos of every thing that happens to create a pictorial record of a day in your life. I preferred to do my own thing rather than following the community guidelines, so this was essentially just for a bit of fun and because India is interesting.

(Sometimes, anyway. I did specifically choose a day I knew we would actually be going out and doing things; a lot of the time I spend most of the day in my room just reading or failing at drawing or dicking around on the interwebs, and it's not terribly exciting. >>)

Follow the cut for more puppies than expected, terrible photography, and extreme picture-heavy-ness (53 of them, to be exact). )
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Yeah, it’s a week late, but a week late is better than never, right? ^^;;

In any case, I finally have that photospam I promised you! I gave up trying to find that silly cable and went and stole Colin’s camera and the cable for that (I tried using his cable with my camera, but it was the wrong size *pout*) and switched the memory cards and uploaded everything like that. *nodnod*

So. This is Arundel Castle. My dad was only willing to pay for the cheap tickets, so we weren’t allowed inside the castle very much, but the grounds were awesomely shiny anyway. Like, awesomely shiny. I’m not usually one for paying much attention to gardens, but this one was amazing. You’ll see.

Only one more thing to say really, and that is to apologise for the crappiness of the photos. I don’t do justice to the awesome, seriously. The lighting was really difficult, cause the sky was cloudy but bright, so it either had the sky the right colour and the foreground too dark to see anything, or the foreground visible and the sky completely bleached, depending on what exposure you used. At least, that’s what my dad said, and I just smiled and nodded cause I wasn’t entirely sure what he was on about when he started going into exposure lengths and fractions of seconds and things. He does professional photography, so I assume he knows what he’s talking about.

Well, anyway. The point is I couldn’t get the lighting to play nicely, so the photos aren’t brilliant. I will also admit to increasing the contrast and otherwise playing with the settings on a lot of them to try and overcome that little problem. Heh. ^^;;

Onwards to photospam! )

And that, I believe, is all for now. And hopefully it won’t be another three weeks before I update my LJ again *ist teh fail at regular updating* -_-‘’ Well, as soon as I can get Zack to play nicely (why so hard to draw, Zacky?! >.< *flail*) I shall update with my little sketch I did in my maths book *nodnod* Until then~! *bows randomly then huggles* *goes off to have yet another attempt at drawing Zack* ^^

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Yesterday I said I’d give you a photospam if the place we were going to was sufficiently shiny, didn’t I? Well, it turns out the place was very pretty indeed, and thus, here is your promised photospam! ^^ 

Beware photo-heavy-ness >> )

So, when were you going to come over? ^^

I promise you we’ll find a way
To make a pathway home
I’ll carry you; you’re not alone…
 ~ Violet Skies, In This Moment


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