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I haven't updated anything on here in ages, whoops. So I'm just going to squish a bunch of stuff into the one post. In today's exciting update (/sarcasm) we have;

 - scribbly chibi arts I drew forever ago but never cross-posted to here
 - random shitty and largely pointless Seph/Cloud miniature ficlets
 - some cool pictures of my Jenova cosplay from when I rewore it in October


Let's go for arty things first!
Warnings: Tentacles, chibi smut

The Benefits of being a Tentacle Monster )

Mini-fic #1
Warnings: Scarification and blood and stuff, with a healthy dose of zombiefied puppet!Cloud. Nothing sexy beyond a few kisses.

That smile on Sephiroth’s face made Cloud shiver. )

Mini-fic #2
Warnings: Smut. Pointless, plotless smut that doesn't really go anywhere.

Slow and steady. Cloud didn’t think he could have gone any faster than that. )

And finally, just a couple of Jenova cosplay pictures, cause I got some taken by one of the nice professional photographer dudes who were wandering around and they came out pretty cool.

I found a brief glimpse of me in a video too! )
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Okay. So. I’m at my dad’s, and forgot to bring any revision stuffst, so it makes sense that I post all my Expo photos now, right? Cause it’ll probably take me a while, and I might as well do it now when I can’t do anything useful anyway, rather than do it later when I could be studying. Logics and stuff. Yeah.

And thus, onwards to photospam! Massive photospam. Literally, as I still can't resize pictures embedded from photobucket. >> )
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Let's see if I can figure out how to do this again...

Well, uh, if the embeddingness worked, one very brief Cloud vs. Sephiroth fight for you. Not one of the better Clouds, sadly, but it's the only video I got since I ended up running into the middle of the other big Cloud vs. Sephiroth fight with all the other Turks. ^^;;

....Yeah. I have no idea why I spontaneously decided to upload this, but never mind that! ^^
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Well, Expo weekend is over. Which, of course, means that it is time to go home, have some food that is not pocky, relax a bit, and then get sorting through the photos. All that is done, and thus, I bring you photospam!

Y’know what I said about aiming to be really proactive and actually go and ask people for photos? …I failed. Miserably. I did stalk the photoshoots though, and thus have a lot of photos from that. I think something like 95% of my photos from Saturday came from the FFVII meetup and photoshoot, heh. ^^;; I managed to gatecrash the Bleach photoshoot on the Sunday, so I do have some pictures of that as well. But again, it’s mostly FFVII. Sorry. ^^;;

Image heavy is an understatement. I lost count, but I think there’s something like 30+ photos? So, uh, this will probably kill your internets… )


So, yeah. Lotsa fun. We so need to go to another convention together, you guys! *flail* Actually having someone there to hang out with and talk to would raise the level from ‘fun’ to ‘epic’, and nothing beats a bit of epicness. ^^

I also have to start planning my cosplay for May. Ideas, people? (Apart from gothic-lolita!Sephy, Yoda. As epic as that would be, I would feel like a complete and utter idiot actually wearing it at a convention. And when I feel like an idiot, I need to have someone with me who I can snap and sulk at, else I get all twitchy and slightly homicidal. So, possibly not a good idea. ^^;; I can always do the cosplay just for you and Sky though.)

But more importantly, it is time for me to go on that photo album raid! So I shall return tomorrow or sometime with some photos that actually have me in them, ‘kay? ^^


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