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Hello there, and welcome to my little corner of LJ. :) This journal serves two purposes; a place for me to photospam (usually of cosplay stuffst), and a depository for all my fandom-based squeeage, writings and scribbles.

The former will mostly be friends only, because I am hideously unphotogenic and don't need to be scarring random strangers with my face. All fandom-related work will be public though, so if that's what you're here for (that is what you're here for, right?) then you don't need to worry about friending to see anything. ^^

Speaking of fandoms; I tend to be very loyal to a single fandom at a time. Currently, my obsession is Final Fantasy VII. Or, if you want to be slightly more specific, Final Fantasy VII yaoi. So, consider yourself warned: this journal will contain explicit male/male (occasionally male/male/male, cause I like threesomes) content.

Seph/Zack/Cloud is my OT3. <3 I am not entirely adverse to throwing Aerith in there to make it a foursome, but I'm usually torn when it comes to an actual OTP. I adore both Zack/Cloud and Seph/Cloud, and my preference really depends on my mood at the time. I think Seph/Cloud juuuuuust takes the front spot though. Because I am a horrible person and enjoy seeing Cloud in pain, and Seph/Cloud makes for some wonderful dubcon/mind-control/BDSM/etc smut. >>

I also hoarde and occasionally scan doujinshi - again, of the FFVII and yaoi variety, and mostly featuring aforementioned OTPs. If you're interested in that, you should head over to blacksky_scans :)
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