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Jan. 2nd, 2017 12:00 am
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Well, I don't have terribly much fic written at the moment, but... I'm trying to be organised, and there might be enough accumulated now to be worthy of a list? Maybe? >>

So, one master fic list for everything I've written. ^^

Fanfiction [FFVII only currently]

Idea; Sephiroth/Zack/Cloud [NC17]
"I've got an idea," was all Zack had said. Four simple, innocent little words. Yet somehow, whenever Zack used them, Cloud would invariably find himself in situations he never would have expected, not in a million years.

Abuse of Power; Sephiroth/Zack/Cloud [NC17]
Written for the FFVII Anonymous Kink Meme Wherein Cloud is king/god/overlord/master and Seph is his general/high priest/slave/bitch in general.

The Games We Play; Sephiroth/Cloud [NC17]
Sephiroth takes more than Cloud wants to give, if only Cloud weren't so willing to be broken. Hard BDSM, rape-play.

Puppet; Sephiroth/Cloud [NC17]
Written for the FFVII Anonymous Kink Meme with the prompt 'puppet-play'.

(Untitled vampire smut); Sephiroth/Cloud [R]
Cloud is forced to spend the night in the long-abandoned ShinRa mansion, but he's not as alone as he would like to think.

Filthy cum smut; Sephiroth/Cloud [NC17]
Sephiroth coming bucketfuls into Cloud's tight little ass. Written for the FFVII Anonymous Kink Meme.

Sparring Practice; Sephiroth/Cloud [NC17]
Swordkink and breathplay. Written for the new FFVII Kink Meme.

Dark Depths; Sephiroth/Cloud [NC17]
Tentacle porn and wing kink set in the Kingdom Hearts universe. Two chapters; complete.

Alis Volat Propriis; Sephiroth/fem!Cloud [NC17]
After the events of AC, most of Jenova's cells are dissipated or destroyed. Sephiroth gathers the few remaining to return once more, dragging Cloud into a disturbing new plan to ensure the continuation of Jenova's legacy. Genderswap, written for the FFVII Anonymous Kink Meme.

Misuse of Materia; Zack/Cloud [NC17]
Zack. Cloud. Materia. Sex. That is about all.

Make a Memory; Zack/Cloud [NC17]
Cloud may not be too happy about being back in his hometown, but Zack is determined he doesn't leave without at least one good memory of the place.

Stay With Me; Zack/Cloud [NC17]
Written for the FFVII Anonymous Kink Meme. Zack helps Cloud relax.

Claim; Zack/Cloud [NC17]
Written for the (new) FFVII Anonymous Kink Meme. Zack does what puppies do best when Sephiroth starts trying to move in on his little trooper.

Seven Days; Zack/Cloud [NC17]
Cloud has a week of leave to get away from ShinRa. He had been looking forward to a break away from everything, until his holiday was unceremoniously infringed upon by one particularly over-friendly SOLDIER. But maybe having Zack Fair along with him isn't so bad after all. Mulitchapter; complete.

Motorbikes and Leather; Cloud solo, Cloud/Fenrir [NC17]
Cloud gets a new outfit from Gold Saucer. Smut!fic inspired by Cloud's new leather ensemble in the G-Bike artwork.

Masamune Is Not A Sex Toy; Sephiroth/Zack [light R]
Masamune is not a sex toy, but may be used in inappropriate ways in order to acquire sexual favours if all else fails.

Merciful Gods; Sephiroth, Zack/Cloud [R]
Ficlet. Sephiroth discovers something he dislikes during the Nibelheim mission.

Possession; Sephiroth/Cloud [PG13]
100 word drabble. "You belong to me. That is all that matters."

Our Farewell; Zack/Cloud [R]
100 word drabble. Cloud would never forgive himself for this.

Resolution; one-sided Cloud/Tifa [G]
New Year's themed ficlet.

Old original stuff [I really don't recommend reading these. I was about 14. >>;;]

Fate [G]
These chambers are all that I have known for longer than I care to remember, and in all those years, nothing much has changed.

Battle Spirit [PG13]

Date: 2012-09-10 05:19 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I just read like every story here and WHEWWW *fans self* they were really great and very well written! I eagerly await your next stories :3

Date: 2012-10-21 10:33 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Whoa, late reply is late, sorry. (Apparently LJ's been screening all of my comments for me and I didn't even realise. orz) But thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed the fics! :)


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