Jul. 11th, 2012

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More pointless smut for the Kink Meme, you know how it goes.

Now I've finished this, I'm torn between setting my long-term fanfic goal as completing as many kink meme prompts as I possibly can, or actually attempting to work on a plot-based, multi-chapter story (shock horror!). Smutty oneshots are what I'm experienced with and (sometimes) have the attention span for, but people will probably get fed up of my writing if I do too many... I'll probably end up doing neither option anyway, though. >>;;

Title: Claim
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Pairing: Zack/Cloud
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 3,800~
Prompt: Zack does what puppies do best when Sephiroth starts trying to move in on his little trooper. Zack/Cloud Crisis Core of course. +Sephiroth Zack displaying dominant male behavior. Alpha Zack? Humping, biting, sniffing, rimming, voyeur Sephiroth witnessing, mauling an unsuspecting trooper (totally not a way to confess the way you feel normally, but then again Zack is so far from normal...), voyeur Zack setting Sephiroth up to see, dubcon (because it would be hilarious if at first Cloud thinks Zack is attacking him)

A/N: I didn't stick to the prompt as well as I would've liked. orz Needs more humping. And I kinda lost inspiration halfway through, so the sexy-times ended up being a bit forced in terms of writing it. Hopefully not noticeable though. ^^;;

'Whoa!' Zack exclaimed, stepping back to brace himself. )


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